A review of small dog breeds by Lydur Gudmundsson

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Many people choose to buy a small dog as they require a lot less space and are much better suited to living in a busy city. They are also a great deal easier to travel with which appeals to a lot of people, especially those who travel a lot for work. Lydur Gudmundsson has put together this review of the smallest dog breeds to help people decide which one suits them the most.

The small dogs in this video are easier to care for than their larger relatives due to their compact size. Lydur Gudmunsson has selected a number of the smallest dog breeds, from the popular Pug to the less well-recognised Bichon Frise. If you are looking to get a dog it is definitely worth taking a look at these breeds.

Smaller dogs are ideal for people who live in a small apartment but it is important to remember than they still need a chance to run around. All dogs need at least three walks a day and Lydur Gudmundsson actually offers a dog walking service for those who are unable to walk their pets during the day. Enjoy the video and remember to check out my business for more information.


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