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“I have 3 dogs. A 25 lb. hyper-aggressive Australian Shepard / Boston Terrier mix, a 10 lb docile Poodle / Shih Tzu mix, and a very neurotic 3 lb. Pomeranian. I like to travel and very often I travel with my dogs. Having these charcoal pee pads come in hand when staying in hotels. These soak up a tremendous amount of liquid, are leak-proof, with charcoal lining that really helps keep down on the urine smell. Favorite bamboo charcoal mats performed as well if not better then the mats I bought are the pet store yet, they cost half as much!

Not only do these pet pads hold a lot of liquid, they are virtually leak proof. I poured 24 ounces onto one to test and it actually held onto it, all of it! I picked up the pee pad and it didn’t drip. This is great when you’re dealing with pet urine you don’t want dripping all the way to the trash can.

Product arrived on time. Seller is very service-oriented, followed up with me soon after product arrived to make sure I was satisfied with both the product and their service.”

Pad Measure – Training pad: 22″ x 23″, supply to all age/size dog; 100 packs; hold up to 500 ml of liquid
Top Quality – Flexible material flattens easily and never slide around; PE film backing and edging protect floor and pad away from leaking; pet can not rip it while trying to scratch and cover up poop
Odor Elimination – Contained carbon-based molecules keep long lasting clean scent; excellent deodorization effect with bamboo charcoal and adding anti-bacterial ingredient refuse odor and prevent the growth of bacteria
Super Absorbency – Quick drying technology helps pad absorb pet urine in seconds, keeps pad surface dry and clean, advanced polymer converts liquids into a gel to avoid runoff, prevents tracking and extends the life of the pad
Perfect Training – Ideal solution for puppy, senile dog, pet dog meeting problem of incontinence and so on; applicable to rainy day and cold weather; besides floor, pad protects seat during car rides, avoid tracking during bad weather by placing them at door, keep beds and furniture clean

Dimension: 22″ L x 23″ W
Weight: 8.95 lbs
Color: White & Black
Size: 100 pack
Material: non-woven cloth, paper tissue, super absorbent polymer & bamboo charcoal, PE film
Manufacturer: Favorite
Recommendation: assisting aging dogs, puppy and other animals

Favorite training pad provides convenient solution to pet daily life and need. Made with four layers, the material includes non-woven cloth, paper tissue, super absorbent polymer and bamboo charcoal, PE film. Among these, 100% wood pulp and super absorbent polymer will absorb the urine quickly and solidify into blocks; PE film does good in water resisting property, and soft premium non-woven cloth keeps the surface clean and dry. Bamboo charcoal is more effective to eliminate odors.


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