Hamster & The Big Dogs Sing, “Deck The Bowls”

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Bailey, Tucker and the Big Dogs got an unearthly visit from an angel sent from Heaven, Puffy, that looks like a hamster except that he has white wings and a halo above his head. So Puffy the Hamster told them that his Boss wanted them to spread good cheer and good health among dogs, cats, pets and pet owners everywhere. He said the Boss wants them to write a Christmas carol to celebrate the Holiday Season, pet health and the New Year. So they got together and decided to rewrite the lyrics to every dog and cat’s all-time favorite, “Deck the Halls.” Tucker, the largest dog in the group, calls the carol, “Deck the Bowls” and when you hear them sing it, you will understand why. Puffy also mentioned that a dog in heaven named Blue sends a special message out to all pet parents, dogs and cats all over the world: Take the True Blue Test at www.bluebuffalo.com/christmas and use the dog food or cat food comparison tool or cat food comparison tool and see if your brand is the best dog food or best cat food your pet could be eating.


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