How To Clean Your Dog’s Ears Yourself To Avoid Itching, Infections, and Costly Vet Visits — Video Instruction

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Close Did you know that ear issues are the most typical reasons for pricey veterinarian appointments? Luckily, routinely cleaning your pet’s ears can help prevent the irritability and infection that so commonly escalate into severe, painful — even dangerous — conditions. It just takes a couple of minutes every once in a while, but makes a huge difference. So let’s begin. Here’s exactly what you’ll want to have ready … * Your bottle of PetJoy™ Naturals Soothing Ear Cleanser for Dogs — made with 100 % premium, naturally-derived ingredients … * Clean cotton balls or pads (but NEVER use any kind of cotton swab on a stick inside your dog’s delicate ears) … * And, finally, round up the smelly-eared dog of your choice. Shake the bottle of Soothing Ear Cleanser thoroughly. Then, holding the pet dog’s earflap carefully out of the way, insert the bottle spout a little way into the ear canal, and pour in several drops up until you can see cleanser nearly filling it. If your pup wants to shake its head, that’s OK. Actually, if this is its very first ear cleaning, it may be somewhat surprised and shake the cleanser right out at first! No worries — just pour in a bit more. Now, delicately massage under the ear for a minute or so. If you’ve poured in enough cleanser, you’ll hear a wet, squishy noise. Next, with clean cotton around your fingertip, delicately wipe off the ear. You will likely see a great deal of ugly gunk, so switch to clean cotton as needed up until the entire ear is clean and dry. If the ear is especially filthy, just pour in a bit more cleanser, then repeat the process once again. Now offer that dog plenty of affection — and possibly a treat — for positive reinforcement. Be sure to talk calmly and encouragingly throughout the entire process because your dog WILL recall the experience next time! You may choose to clean daily…


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