How to Make a PVC Cot or Bed for Your Dog |Dog How2 Vids|

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How to Make a PVC Cot or Bed for Your Dog |Dog How2 Vids|
Sewing Instructions
Only Four Materials Needed
1. Corner pieces 1 1/4 inch
2. PVC Pipe
1 1/4 inch, schedule 40
pvc comes in sticks, 10′, can be purchased at any hardware store,about $4.38 from big box stores
can also buy 20′ sticks from plumbing supplies
3. Screws
Round Washer Head #8 x 1/2 ”
NOTE Our video shows our screws being 8 x 3/4 inch.You can use either size, we happen to have had the longer ones donated for a recent bed build.
4. Cloth
-the best option for covering the beds is 40oz or even 50oz solid vinyl, it’s easiest to clean while being most durable
Cutting PVC and Tools
Cutting the PVC
If making numerous beds for a shelter, we recommend building the medium sized beds and add a few large ones. The medium beds will accommodate most dogs.
As an option for the medium sized beds, you can added 3 inches to the long side and subtracted 3 inches from the short side (or any amount you need) to better
fit into narrow kennels.Be sure to make appropriate cloth sizes if you change the frame size.
–Best to mark plastic of frame to alert shelter staff not to throw away frame as it can be recovered with new cloth.
Tools Needed
-Saw (to cut PVC)
-Tape measure
-Channel Locks (to turn pvc after cloth is applied to tighten)
Dimensions for Cloth and PVC
Small Bed
Cloth size 36” x 29”
1 10 ft stick or 112”
-2 pieces at 18.5 inches each
-2 pieces at 25.5 inches each
-4 pieces at 4 inches each (legs)

Final Dimensions 22″x29″
Medium Bed
Cloth size 34.5″ x 38.5″
1 10ft stick will make one complete bed including legs,
-2 at 24″
-2 at 28″
-4 pieces at 4 inches each (legs)

Final Dimension 27.5″ x 31.5″
Abbey is a 70lb dog
Large Bed
Cloth size36” x 45” 144” needed
You will need 1-10 ft stick of PVC and an additional 20″ to make one complete large bed
-2 pieces at 25.5 inches each
-2 pieces at 34.5 inches each
-4 pieces at 4 inches each(legs)

Final Dimensions 29″x 38″
Peppy the Dalmatian is a 76lb dog
Building Instructions for Elevated Dog Bed
-not everyone is use to using a drill, tell everyone to stop drilling when the screw is flush with the cloth
-It is critical to get the corners neat and tight or the dogs will chew on anything they can grip.In the shelters, this pvc and cloth are the most chewable thing, and they will try to chew it.
PVC Mass Production of beds Mass production spreadsheet
Use the Beds tab if you know how many beds you want to make, but need to know how much PVC to get
Use the Sticks tab if you have PVC pipe and want to see how many beds you can make
If you’re only making small beds, you need 1 stick for each bed
1 stick = a 10 foot piece of PVC (120 inches)
1 stick = 1 small bed with legs
1 stick = 1 large bed & no legs
1 stick = 20 legs, enough for 5 beds
5 sticks = 4 small beds & 1 large bed
6 sticks = 5 large beds
11 sticks = 4 small & 6 large beds

1. Using a corner piece, put one short and one long pipe into 2 of the 3 holes
2. Once the frame is built, use a hammer to on each corner to firmly hit each side to force the legs into the corner pieces,
don’t worry about hitting too hard, the pvc is strong
3. Insert 4 legs into holes, turn bed over and hit the top of each corner 1-2 times to be sure legs are in as far/tight as they can be –nofor this
4. Lay the cloth on a flat surface and lay the frame on top, with legs pointing up, center frame on cloth
5. Fold cloth corners under frame, be sure to keep frame centered on cloth when doing this
(note:fold of cloth, 2nd , should be centered just inside of corner piece)
6. Take one long side of cloth and make 2 one-half inch-ish folds, material should hit the center of the pvc on the bottom side of frame
7. Place one screw in the mid point of the PVC & screw the cloth to the PVC. Be sure screw goes thru folds of the cloth
8. Place screws evenly spaced on the frame.
(5 screws, short side of small bed, 6 screws for long side)
(6 screws for short side of large bed, 8 screws for long side of bed)
9. Screw one screw to opposite side of frame, use channel locks to tighten plastic frame which will tighten cloth.
10. Finish putting screws for opposite leg, repeat steps for other sides of bed
If the frame doesn’t sit square on the floor, put the frame on its side, legs facing you and twist the legs a bit
11. On the top side of the bed, place 5 screws thru the cloth and into the corner of the pvc corner piece, this serves 2 purposes
1. keeps the cloth from being chewed
2. keeps the side frame pieces from turning
2 is best as the screws will be a deterrent to start chewing. 3 shows screws inserted too far from the edge.
Be sure to have volunteers place screws as close to edge of the cloth as they can.
How to Make a PVC Cot or Bed for Your Dog |Dog How2 Vids|


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