Insect Video: The House Fly As A Disease Carrier (1924)

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Trailer: According to this film, flies are nothing more than a disease carrier. They are commonly called a house fly, but these are nothing but a filthy menace. Some might say they should be called the filth fly. To fully understand just how filthy flies are, one must study the habits of the fly. Flies spread their disease from their feet and mouth. Their feet are actually claws, and they collect and spread dirt and disease. To demonstrate the filth from their feet, one should capture a fly and allow him to walk on a culture dish. The culture dish will later show the massive amount of bacteria that have grown from just the flies walking. Flies will fly all over places with animals and manure. They will then track it all over your house, kitchen, and food. The number of flies in an area has been shown to relate to the number of deaths from typhoid. Places with more flies have more cases of death due to typhoid. The average female fly will lay between 150 and 200 eggs in her life. The eggs, usually in manure, will develop into larvae, pupae, and then pupa. The population of flies can get out of control. We must take steps towards extermination of the flies. First, protect your food from flies. They will contaminate it, and without food, they will not last long. Clean up areas where flies normally breed. Put screen on houses early in the year. Destroy their breeding grounds. Following these ideas, flies will not be able to live for long. See the full length video at:


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