PetPal Automatic Wi-Fi Pet Feeder: Features

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Ken Powers, the creator and founder of PetPal, really thought a lot about the design of the PetPal automatic Wi-Fi pet feeder. With over 3 years of development, Ken has made many adjustments to his original concept. The solutions Ken realized came from challenges he was facing including finding a way to keep the ants from getting into the food resivoir.

What he found was that he needed to not only keep the bowl off the ground, but he needed to find ways of keeping the ants from climbing on the feeder. Let’s take a moment to hear what Ken did to prevent the ants from getting into the feeder as well as cover a couple features that the PetPal includes:

Here’s a quick little tip for you in order to keep the ants away… use petroleum jelly. They don’t like it and they won’t crawl over it. If you use a little petroleum jelly around the base of the PetPal and on the bridges inside food resivoirs. It’s pretty amazing, but Ken really thought of it all when he built this awesome device.

Often times the best products come because of the sincere passion that was put into them. Because Ken was unable to find a solution to feed his pets while he was away, he decided to build the PetPal himself. Using his engineering background, Ken started his three year journey. From the beginning, he knew he not only wanted to create a product that would last, but he wanted to make it easy to clean and make sure it was also very user-friendly. One of the largest growing segments in the market today is mobile and that’s what makes PetPal so accessible. Anyone with an internet connection, whether it’s your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone can talk to your pet, listen to your pet, watch your pet, while you feed your pet anywhere, anytime.

The PetPal was built to last with a stainless steel construction. It’s easy to take apart and clean and can hold up to 15 lbs (50 cups) of food. If you would like to learn more about PetPal, Visit our website at to learn more and you can follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and join us on Google Plus.


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