What Foods are Bad for Dogs? Here is what you NEED to know!

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http://nutsaboutpets.com/DogFoodSecrets – You truly SHOULD see Andrew’s video!

If you’re the same as me your pets are not simply animals, they’re part of the family and we want them to spend healthy,happy, and above all LONG lives with us. We understand that regretfully our pet’s life expectancy is much shorter than ours, however we can extend it substantially by how we care for them.

One of the the major methods by which we stay well is through what we eat. The exact same applies to our pets and as it’s one thing over which we have complete control, it is necessary to understand what foods are bad for dogs, which isn’t what you may think.

The pet food market is extremely competitive and worth billions a year. You may think that by getting the most costly and ‘best’ brands you are providing your dog with the very best possible diet however I fear this isn’t really always so.

When his dog died far too young Andrew Lewis decided to research commercial dog foods and what he discovered will surprise and horrify you. He has recorded it all in a book called Dog Food Secrets, which you really need to check out.

He found that ‘chemical and preservative ‘ labeled pet food is frequently chock-full of fatal toxins, and which 3 lethal, cancer-causing, chemicals to avoid like the plague .

He will show you how to read and the labels on the packaging to know if the food is safe for your pet

And exactly how ‘well known’ doesn’t equal ‘healthy’ and the disgraceful realities about Gourmet or Premium pet foods.

He makes some discoveries that are, quite frankly, too horrible to disclose in this video, but which you can find out about from Andy himself shortly.

You’ll also discover the 20 deadliest human foods you may offer your dog thinking you are giving him a special treat, however which instead may be killing him.

And importantly, after his substantial screening, you will get Andy’s list of the 9 best, ultra-healthy commercial dog foods on the market that fulfill his super-high requirements, in order that you can feed your pet happy in the knowledge that his food is good for him!

There are many reviews from delighted pet owners of now healthy pets, who have actually seen Andrew’s video and read his book and if you too would like your pet to live a happy, healthy and long life. Click the Link below


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